Foreign language courses

To all categories of clients, Lingua Centre offers courses in 5 foreign languages (general/ business language at all levels) as well as specialised training for international language tests. It also provides Romanian language courses for foreign students.

LINGUA Centre offers the following services:

  • placement tests to establish the language proficiency level - courses for groups of 15-20 students
  • tailored courses upon request for companies and other institutions;
  • one-on-one courses;
  • regular progress checks;
  • full simulations of international language exams;
  • issuance of certificates of attendance
  • state of the art learning materials and technical equipment.

A. Standard modules


  • CAMBRIDGE FCE, CAE, CPE: 90 hours
  • CAMBRIDGE BEC Higher: 90 hours
  • Business English: 50 hours
  • General English: 50 hours


  • DALF A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2: 70 hours
  • CCIP DFA 1 / 2, DAFA, CFHT, CFS: 70 hours
  • Business French: 30 hours
  • General French: 30 hours


  • IT: 70 hours
  • CELI: 70 hours
  • CILS: 70 hours
  • Business Italian: 30 hours
  • General Italian: 30 hours


  • DELE CIE, DBE, DSE: 70 hours
  • Business Spanish: 30 hours
  • General Spanish: 30 hours


  • ZD: 70 hours
  • Business German: 30 hours
  • General German: 30 hours



  • General Romanian courses for foreign students: 30 hours


NB! Business and General Language courses (50 hours) are intended for the regional and local community as well as for anyone interested in improving their foreign language abilities. These courses are not a requirement for obtaining the Lingua Language Certificate and do not automatically guarantee a passing grade.  

Course Structure

Courses are organised twice a year, starting in October and March. One module lasts for approximately 3 months, according to the schedule below:

  • 50-hour courses: 2 X 3 hours/ week = 6 hours/ week = 9 weeks/ course
  • 70-hour courses: 2 X 3 hours/ week = 6 hours / week = 12 weeks/ course
  • 90-hour courses: 3 X 3 hours / week = 9 hours / week = 10 weeks/ course

B. One-to-one courses and courses upon request:

In the case of one-to-one and courses on request (by firms and other institutions), the type of course and the desired number of hours will be customised. These courses can be different from the standard courses (see above) and can be offered during any month of the year, excepting August.
Applicants are asked to contact the vice-manager via e-mail for a detailed description of the course.