Master's Degree Programme in International Business Administration and Communication


The MA Programme in International Business Administration and Communication offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration has been designed to meet the ever-increasing need for diversified forms of communication in the world today.

Students enrolled in the programme are prepared for a career in company departments such as: development, management, marketing, publicity, communication and human resources, departments of communication and human resources, administration and PR and for further studies within doctoral programmes in fields such as professional discourse analysis and communication management.

The curriculum combines theoretical subjects (both general and specialised) and practical subjects taught in Romanian, English and French over a period of 4 semesters (130 ECTS), and aims to offer students a thorough understanding of communication and its importance, and impact on the internal and external functioning of national and international companies. The MA programme proposes an interdisciplinary perspective on and an international approach to business communication.


Admission methodology

1. Enrolment : Certificate of foreign language proficiency (English/French) issued by Lingua or Alpha language centres or equivalent certificates approved by the BBU Senate or BA diplomas issued by faculties of letters.
2. Written exam on the topic "The profile of the business person in the age of globalization"
3. Admission scores:
3.1. Preliminary evaluation- Bachelor studies average grade: 25%
Language proficiency certificate average grade of oral and written tests- 25%
Faculty of Letters BA graduates in letters:
Bachelor studies average grade - 25%
BA degree final examination grade - 25%
3.2. Entrance exam
Written test grade - 50%
4. Tie-Break Criteria:
In case of identical admission scores, the Bachelor studies average grade will be considered. 


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