The LINGUA language certificates are adapted to the linguistic policy of "Babeş-Bolyai" University which encourages and facilitates the study and acquisition of at least two foreign languages, as one of the main requirements for the successful integration of our graduates in Europe. 

Students can sit the exam throughout the year, according to a flexible and convenient schedule, on one of the dates announced through the information channels of the Lingua Centre. The language certificates are valid for a period of 2 years starting with the examination date and serve such purposes as:

 Entrance and graduation exams;
 Admission to MA and Ph.D. Programmes
 National and international scholarships;
 Career advancement;
 Travels abroad.

In 2008, the Lingua Centre was authorized as a supplier of professional adult training in "Foreign Language Communication" in compliance with the Government’s Acts no. 129/2000 and no. 353/5.202 of the Minister of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and the Minister of Education and Research for the approval of the Methodology of authorizing professional adult training starting with 2008.